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6 Purrfect Reasons To Play With Your Cat Every Day

October 4, 2023

Our feline friends are known for being frisky and playful, which are two of the many, many things we love about them. Fluffy is always adorable, but she’s never cuter than when she’s hard at play. As it turns out, batting that catnip mouse around isn’t just fun for your furry friend: it also benefits her both mentally and physically. A local Vancouver, BC vet lists some reasons to play with your cat regularly in this article.


Staying fit is just as important for cats as it is for people. Kittens are very active, but older furballs tend to be, well, a bit lazy. Even a few minutes of pouncing, jumping, and running can burn a lot of calories, helping keep Fluffy fit and strong.


Cats are very complex and emotional beings. They also all have their own unique purrsonalities. Sometimes it takes Fluffy a while to settle into a new home, and really learn to trust her new humans. Taking even a few minutes a day to hold a wand toy or laser pointer can go a long way towards helping your feline buddy form a positive opinion of you. This can also be helpful in helping cats make friends with one another. Just don’t play favorites.

Better Sleep

Kitties sometimes get the zoomies in the middle of the night. This is cute, but it can be frustrating when your furry buddy wants to pounce on your toes as you’re trying to sleep. Try wearing Fluffy out with a fun play session before bedtime. We all know what happens when cats get tired!

Mental Stimulation

Our feline overlords clearly enjoy leading the lives of pampered pets, which really consists of a lot of lounging about, napping, and sunbathing. However, they need enrichment to truly thrive. Playing really brightens up Fluffy’s day. It’s also great for her brain. In fact, it can help ward off cognitive decay as she ages. Kitties have to focus to nail those tricky pounces! 


Fluffy tends to thrive on a steady routine, and she’ll be happiest if her daily kitty schedule for naps, meals, meditation, and, of course, more naps stays pretty similar. Try to play with your furry friend at roughly the same time each day. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t change things up a bit. Experiment with different toys, and see what your little buddy likes best.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. As your Vancouver, BC animal clinic, we are here for you.

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